Easy Tin Ornaments for Christmas Decorations

Easy Tin Ornaments for Christmas Decorations

The old-fashioned tin punch and metal Christmas ornaments of the past are easy to recreate for a modern tree. A few simple materials and unique designs will create the perfect old-fashioned Christmas ornament.

Create an old-fashioned metal Christmas ornament using a few craft supplies and a little imagination to match the simple, handmade patterns of long ago.

Copper Icicles

Twisty tin icicles like those that once dangled from rustic Christmas tree branches are easy to recreate with craft metal flashing. Use a long, thin strip of copper flashing, like the kind used for tin-punch ornaments; twist into a curly spiral by wrapping it closely around a pencil or straw, then pull long to create a dangling icicle. The size of the object wrapped around will help determine the size of your ornament.

Tin Punch Ornaments

Old-fashioned tin-punch ornaments are a simple and easy choice for a country Christmas tree. Tin-punch designs are often available free on the web; simply print one the size you want your ornament to be, then place over a surface of craft copper or metal flashing. Use a nail and hammer (and a piece of wood beneath the flashing) to punch holes following the design’s pattern. Cut out the finished product along the design’s edges, then tie a ribbon through the topmost hole.

Tin Discs

Turn the tops of soup cans into spinning metal disks punched with a delicate design. Trim the edges in metal foil or ribbon if desired, to avoid sharp edges, then punch a design in the middle. A hole at the top will allow you to add a ribbon or cord for hanging — if the inside of the can is lined with a protective substance (tomato cans, for instance) consider painting that side for an extra-decorative touch.

Candy Pails

Turn small-ounce cans into decorative candy containers by tin-punching with a special design. Fill the can with water and freeze, then wrap your pattern around the can and tin-punch, adding an extra-large hole on either side at the top in addition to your design. Let the ice thaw, then add a wire handle by looping it through the two large holes at the top. Fill with candy and hang from the tree’s branches.

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